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Robotic welding system
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ROBOLUTION GmbH is a producer of systemised construction equipment. Our many years of experience, above all in the area of automated welding technology, are reflected in widely varied and successfully implemented solutions installed for a broad range of customers. Standard welding systems, as well as individually designed equipment concepts for specific purposes, are characteristic of the ROBOLUTION brand name.

As a producer of integrated systems, ROBOLUTION develops robotic welding installations which are perfectly tailored to the customer’s individual needs and requirements. Our experts in the areas of equipment and machine jig technology will, of course, also be pleased to support you when you are planning your projects.

Among our satisfied customers we count well-known producers in the automobile and automotive parts manufacturing industries, in general manufacturing, in the manufacture of consumer goods and additionally in the field of agricultural equipment technology.

We invite you to explore the following pages, so that you can gain an initial overview of ROBOLUTION’s performance spectrum. If you wish to obtain further information about us and our products, we shall be pleased to arrange an individual appointment with you as soon as possible.

The ROBOLUTION team looks forward to meeting you, and we welcome the opportunity to offer you our support and advice.

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