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If you would like to receive more information about ROBOLUTION GmbH and its products, or have an actual project you wish to discuss with us, please feel free to take up contact with the ROBOLUTION team at any time!

Robolution GmbH
a Lincoln Electric Company

Dammstrasse 14
64331 Weiterstadt-Gräfenhausen


Tel: 06150-59198-30
Fax: 06150-59198-88

Email: contact@robolution.de


Thomas Büttner

Tel: 06150-59198-58

Email: thomas.buettner@robolution.de

Andreas Hajek

Tel: 06150-59198-16

Email: andreas.hajek@robolution.de

Jürgen Pai

Tel: 06150-59198-33

Email: juergen.pai@robolution.de


Torsten Sebelka

Tel: 06150-59198-41

Email: torsten.sebelka@robolution.de


Jörg Blum

Tel: 06150-59198-54

Email: joerg.blum@robolution.de


Michael Adrian

Tel: 06150-59198-53

Email: michael.adrian@robolution.de

Technical Operations Manager

Stefan Seipel

Tel: 06150-59198-26

Email: stefan.seipel@robolution.de

Design Manager

Ralf Hartmann

Tel: 06150-59198-12

Email: ralf.hartmann@robolution.de

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